The following prices are for adult patients. For minors, please call us as this requires additional documentation and another visit.

  • Initial Consultation, Education & Certification

    We obtain your medical records, confirm your qualifying condition, submit your state registry application. After confirming your qualifying condition, we complete your certification and provide you with education regarding the use of medical marijuana, the ingestion methods and the local dispensaries.
    By paying a $50 deposit to secure your initial visit, the remaining cost is $200

  • Recertifications & Transfer Patients

    For existing patients who need to re-certify or for patients who wish to transfer to Liberate for future card renewals.

*Please note that we charge a $5 fee for credit card transactions and prices above do not include any state mandated fees.

Register and Schedule your appointment at our Venice office

If you have your medical records available to upload you can greatly expedite the process. Note that your confidentiality is 100% assured as Liberate follows applicable state and federal laws requiring us to be HIPAA compliant. When you complete the form, you will be taken to a page to schedule your initial consultation.